How to turn a girl

Men and women are different in many things – apart from the sex organs involved, however, there is a lot in common with sexual pleasure. It has already been possible to disprove that sexual discomfort is always a physical problem in men, but usually a psychological problem in women.

Both in men and women, both factors are important. Stress, problems in the partnership as well as grief, anger or depression a common causes of listlessness for both sexes. Nevertheless, it is believed that for women mental well-being has a greater significance and therefore can also affect the desire for sex stronger.

Even the most amazing orgasm starts small. Because if you feel like having sex, then your body starts a tingling program. And it always starts in the head. Sometimes a look, a thought or a touch is enough: Sexual excitement in girls builds up as fast as with boys. Because girls react to sexual stimuli as fast as boys. Her excitement, however, is “trouble-prone”. That is, they are easier to distract during sex. Therefore, it often seems that they take longer to come to a climax during sex.

Getting wet: The clearest sign of a girl’s sexual arousal is that her vagina gets wet. But the vaginal walls from a clear liquid, which is distributed in the vagina. Without this lubricating, the insertion of the penis is painful or not possible.

Breasts: In the excitement phase the nipples become stiff and remain so during the following phases. At the same time, the breasts swell slightly.

Muscle twitching: As the excitement increases, so does the heart rate and blood pressure, causing uncontrollable twitching in various parts of the body that later “explode” during orgasm.

The first two things can be achieved quickly by candles or tealights, as well as rose petals or a pleasant room spray that does not seem too intrusive. The tastes of music are very different. Here you should know your partner well enough to be able to select the music for the special “highlights”.

The right drink should already be ready. Wine is often a good companion

The first thing you need to know: Be sexually confident. Show her that you are not afraid to flirt with her, to tease her, that the idea of ​​touching and kissing her does not make you nervous and that you are 100% comfortable with the idea of ​​sex.

First of all, confidence is a quality erection. But as a rule, the first sex with a partner causes excitement and this is directly related to the quality of sex. There is a good way to get rid of the agitation is Kamagra tablets. Kamagra is composed from FDA approved component Sildenafil Citrate which increases the blood flow into penis through blocked vessels that results in the solid erection of penis like hammer.

The reason is simple. A woman does not even think to touch a man who is not sexually self-confident.

How to excite a woman? Proven Methods



For starters, you can say how beautiful and sexy your partner looks. You like her smell, look, and from the mere presence of trembling all over her body! When you move to stroking, whisper in your ear how beautiful it is.

What is her soft skin and sexy lips. At this stage, it is important to establish a connection, and gradually fan the flame of passion.


If the girl is complex, you can start with kisses on the neck, ear, gradually reach the cheekbones and temples and, finally, go down to the lips. No rush and arrogance, the kiss should be gentle. Take the initiative in your own hands, ladies love to be led and receive passive pleasure.


Do not rush to gently tear off all your clothes from your partner at once and behave like a rampant baboon. Not everyone likes the image of a caveman. Experiment later when you get to know each other better. For the first time, soft strokes, caresses of the scalp and hair are enough.


Many girls go crazy when they caress their legs: from the tips of their fingers to their hips. Gradually, you can move on to the chest and other erogenous zones.

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