Potency and dysfunction problems

Up to 50% of all men suffer from erectile dysfunction, which is also called erectile dysfunction, with the number of people with age increasing sharply.

Many find it uncomfortable to talk openly about their potency problems and avoid the doctor’s visit. Erectile dysfunction can therefore also a great psychological burden to be.

While in some cases, drug therapy is needed, in others, already a change in lifestyle and nutrition to increase the potency.

Common causes of potency problems 

Good dream. Permanent lack of sleep – this scourge of residents of big cities, it affects not only potency, but also leads to chronic fatigue, metabolic disorders, depression, heart disease, and neurosis.

Lack of stress. It is almost impossible to avoid them, but you can learn to react to everyday troubles more calmly. Psychotherapy, yoga and meditation classes will help here. The rejection of stimulants such as coffee and energy, especially in the afternoon, as well as an established regimen will also help reduce nervousness.

Healthy eating Excess weight is an extra load on the heart and blood vessels. Therefore, overweight people suffer from weak erections more often than slender ones. Include foods rich in zinc and vitamin E in the diet, they are necessary for the normal functioning of the reproductive system.

Quitting smoking and drinking. Smoking has a detrimental effect on blood vessels, and it doesn’t matter if you smoke cigarettes or a pipe. A lot has already been said about the dangers of alcohol. However, a glass of good red wine will not hurt, on the contrary, experts have already shown that in moderation, red wine has a beneficial effect on the body. But the keyword here is moderation. And this means that one glass will have to be limited.

In the following sections, you will find out what positive effects such as diet and exercise can have on potency.

high- sugar foods and large quantities of red meat are not well known to the body. In addition to obesity and high blood lipid levels can cause diseases such as diabetes mellitus or atherosclerosis. These, in turn, can lead to impotence.

The physiological causes of poor erections include

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system. 
  • Disorders in the work of the spinal cord and brain. Diabetes. 
  • Hormonal imbalance (primarily thyroid disease). 
  • Side effects of certain drugs, main drugs for lowering blood pressure, antipsychotics, anticonvulsants, antidepressants, and hormones, as well as steroids. 
  • Maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle – addiction to alcohol, smoking, and even more drugs, excess weight due to malnutrition, sedentary lifestyle, which leads to circulatory disorders. 
  • Diseases of the prostate gland.

What influence does diet have on potency?

The consumption of high- fat and positive effects, however, can have a balanced diet. To increase the potency or to prevent erectile dysfunction, care should be taken to eat as fresh and natural (ie not industrially processed) food. In general, the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and fish has a positive effect.

Foods that contain many antioxidants are said to have a special potency-enhancing power. These include, for example, blackberries, apples, tomatoes, nuts, citrus fruits, and potatoes. Also, be sure to consume as much liquid as possible, preferably water and unsweetened herbal or fruit tea throughout the day.

Potency training: These muscles are important

Unlike most women, many men do not know exactly where their pelvic floor muscles are. Therefore, the book begins with purposeful perceptual exercises. This includes feeling the muscles between the pubic bone and coccyx. These can be felt when men pull the penis root to the belly button and hold the tension for a few seconds.

All exercises are based on the training of these muscles. Because they are the ones who maintain the erection. If the pelvic floor muscles are strained, the vessels of the cavernous bodies are also compressed and thus the return flow of the blood is made more difficult. This increases the pressure in the erectile tissue, which in turn is important to maintain the erection.

Jogging and skipping

If the potency decreases with age, targeted fitness training sometimes works wonders. To this realization comes the Cologne urologist and sports physician Dr. med. Frank Summer. With “Vigor Robic” he developed a special training program. Since there is a constant exchange of blood between erectile tissue and legs, the training of the thigh muscles is of particular importance. The more the blood is enriched with oxygen, the fewer problems there are with the potency.

Increase the potency: home remedies and nutrition

As a home remedy for erectile problems, for example, a cup of milk with dried asparagus applies. Also, a spoonful of fresh horseradish or ginger juice with honey and a soft egg is said to potentiate potency. However, there is no scientific evidence for this.

In addition to obesity and high blood lipids, an unhealthy diet also promotes diseases such as diabetes mellitus and arteriosclerosis, Both the direct effects of the wrong diet and the resulting illnesses Both the direct effects of the wrong diet and the resulting illnesses have a negative effect on the potency. the potency. With a varied and balanced diet, you can often prevent erectile dysfunction in the long term.

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