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According to experts, the key to a happy and fulfilled sexuality in a long-term relationship is to constantly encounter new and varied. To have fun inventing new little things for the other, break the rules again and again and to define each other. Always oriented to the changing needs of the other person and with loving understanding and attention to the dynamics of the relationship, as this changes, for example, by the addition of children, of course, has an impact on our sex life.

How does playing sports make you better in bed? We’ve all heard about scoring on a night out, but did you know that scoring at one of these five sports could actually improve your sex life?

It is important that a person can also follow this sexual drive regularly, otherwise it can lead to frustration or even mental problems.

It all starts for such things in a relationship

At some point we stop kissing and then these little touches slowly disappear, this one luring the other with such little hints. The reverse: start again. When walking, not just a “goodbye” and you are gone. Go over and touch and then a little kiss and so slowly increase so little things that have to do with body and touch.

But without talking it does not work in most cases. On the other hand, the best communication does not help if there are no feelings involved. But I assume that this is given, otherwise, you would not stand at this point.

When you say YES to each other a second time, you should discuss what each one of you learned from the separation, as well as what your wishes are for the future. And also talk about mistakes.

It helps a solid ritual. Sit down once a week or go for a walk. Everybody describes from his point of view how he is doing and where he stands with his partnership. So you both have the chance to share in each other’s emotional life. And that without urging or hooking. 

Don’t just go to bed

“I like when my boyfriend begins to flirt with me, not in the bedroom. This turns me on most of all, ”one of the survey participants admits. Harassment in an unusual place says that you are passionate about it, and not just want sex, as Goldman explains. Also, if you are in a public place and cannot go straight to the point, this will make her look forward to future events. Start with kisses in the kitchen, hugs at the party, or describe her a scenario for further actions while you take the elevator to the apartment.

Teach each other

 Show your partner what kind of caresses you enjoy. This game is very exciting, especially men, also, it emotionally brings the couple very close together. No matter how close and dear the person is, each of us is unique and has its erogenous zones and points of excitement. Feel free to show that you are pleased – you have a very grateful audience.


 Contrary to stereotypes, they are even more important for men than for women. Tell each other how bored you are, what attracts you to the partner physically and spiritually, how important he/she is for you, how his taste /voice/smell excites you. Any of us need to hear such confessions addressed to us. It enhances self-esteem and strengthens relationships.

Oral satisfaction

A little oral pleasure is almost as much a part of successful sex for most of us as a happy ending. But while many women are extremely generous with blowjobs, few men are willing to retaliate. They let their tongue play so seldom that they want to pinch themselves when it happens. But men are otherwise in the call to be obsessed with pussies.

Dirty Texts & Sexting  

While you’re at work or just out of the house, try sending some dirty texts, letting him know what’s on your mind and what you are planning for later. It may be something filthy like, “I can wait to feel you explode in my mouth tonight.” Or it may be a little more reserved like, “Can not wait to see you later.. and my lips can not wait either “Or you can describe in detail the blow job you’ve just learned and are on it.

Do not rush

You already know that women adore foreplay, but some of the participants in our survey talked about their secret desires regarding what was happening before her. One even came up with its name: prelude. “I would be happy if my boyfriend kissed my neck, shoulders, and stomach for hours, but he is always eager to go to the genitals,” says one. “Sex for me is not a two-way switch. I need something like a prelude with a gentle hug, then a lengthy prelude and only then the act itself. I need more time to reach orgasm. There is no clear time frame for how long each stage should last – just do not immediately strive for its gates. Pay more attention to her neck, ears, shoulders, and back.

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